USA historical Civil War map union vs confederate
The new historical United States map will let you create maps that show the territorial evolution of the United States from 1790 to today.

You can visit the latest historical USA map here!

This map template is the latest addition to the array of historical maps available on MapChart‘s historical section, Historical MapChart. It is the first though that delves into United States’ territorial history.

It took a while to do the required research to create such a map, which I am sure will prove helpful to many users of the website, especially in the education (teachers, students, etc.) sector. I haven’t found yet something similar on the web, so my belief is that it will be really useful for everyone interested in history and geography.

us historical map draft
Working on the new US historical States map.

The map attempts to show all border changes for US States from 1790 to today. Below are some examples for various chronologies (1790, 1830, and 1870):

us states historical map 1790
USA States in 1790.
us states historical map 1830
USA States in 1830.

It features a slider that lets you change the currently shown year on the map, similar to the one found on the Cold War World map page:

us history map year change slider
The slider to change the year shown on the Historical USA map.

To make sure that each state’s changing borders are shown only once, it uses the state of the borders at the end of each year (31/12/XXXX). For example, Oklahoma State was admitted on November 16, 1907 and consequently was already a state at the end of 1907, so the previous entities (Indian Territory and Oklahoma Territory) have an end date of 1906.

This also stands for cases where the state/territory was renamed. For example, Louisiana Territory was renamed Missouri Territory in 1812, so it has an end date of 1811, while Missouri Territory starts from 1812.

The new Historical USA template can be used to create maps that show data and statistics for various interesting points in US history. Some examples include:

  • Early years of US history
  • The Louisiana purchase
  • The Northwest/Southwest expansion
  • The American Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • Addition of Alaska and Hawaii

Here is a characteristic map, that shows the split right before the start of the American Civil War (1861-1865):

american civil war map union vs confederate
The American Civil War map, showing Union and Confederate states in 1860.

Note that the map currently changes with a leap of 10 years, but more dates will be available in time, so please stay tuned for more updates.

Visit the new US historical map page and create your own map for free!

PS.: I would be really interested in checking out maps created with this template, so you are welcome to send me your creations through the Feedback page!