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You can now color a map quicker by using a shortcut to paint countries and subdivisions all at once.

Coloring a map has never been easier!

I am sure that there are many who feel that clicking the map so many times to color it is a bit cumbersome. Especially when using the detailed subdivisions or the larger USA/Canada/Europe maps, it can take a while to achieve the desired result.

That’s a thing of the past though.

You can now hold down the Ctrl button and move your mouse over the countries/subdivisions you want to paint them with the currently selected color.

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Holding Ctrl turns the cursor into a bucket and paints all subdivisions the mouse passes over.

Holding Ctrl + Shift has the exact opposite result, removing their color and filling them again with the default gray color. Here is a quick video with the whole process:

This enables you to color even the largest maps with a handful of mouse strokes. Moreover, creating your travel maps with places you visited should now be a piece of cake:

A travel map made quicker with the new feature.

A lot of users have requested this feature, so I am sure that it will help in making the map-making process easier and more streamlined!

You could also make some more fun maps this way, like this:

Have fun using MapChart and make your own custom maps with the new mass coloring feature!

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