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Can't find the map page for a specific country? Check out this simple tutorial.

Time and again, I receive through the Feedback page the request to add new country-specific maps, that are not available under the More Maps section.

While MapChart is constantly updated to include more country maps, there is already a way to make your own subdivisions map for any country or region in the world, by using the Detailed continents maps and their useful features.

For a full list of the maps where you can use this feature, please check towards the end of this post.

Making a map for any country in the world

Let’s say you need to create a map showing Argentina and its provinces.

Since Argentina’s provinces map is not available in the More Maps… section at the top, you should use the Detailed Americas map:

Screenshot of the Detailed Americas map page.

Select the Make a Map of a Single Country option at the bottom-left to select Argentina:

Select the country you want from the dropdown.

Hit the Isolate Country button to hide all other countries and only show Argentina on the map:

Argentina provinces map isolated
The map now zooms in and centers on Argentina, hiding all other countries from view.

You can now use the Zoom Mode if you want, to fine-tune the size and placement of the country on the map.

Finally, you can now color the map with the usual process and download it:

The final (randomly colored) map of Argentina’s provinces.

This way, you can create a map for any country in the Detailed continents map pages, which basically means any country in the world!

Isolating multiple countries on a map

There is also the ability to make a map that focuses on a specific region, by isolating more than one country with the Isolate Multiple Countries option. It takes a comma-separated list of country abbreviations and centers the map on them, while hiding all other countries:

Find the abbreviations of the countries you want from the names of their provinces on the map.

Here is an example map that shows the Southeast Asia region:

southeast asia map from mapchart
A random Southeast Asia map.

You can make a similar map using the Detailed Asia map page, and inputting BN, ID, KH, LA, MY, MM, PH, SG, TH, TL, VN in the Isolate Multiple Countries option.

Where you can use this

These useful features are currently available for these map pages:

This means that you can easily create a variety of custom maps, like maps of Algeria’s or Tajikistan’s provinces, California’s counties, Texas’ congressional districts, Germany’s NUTS 2, and more.

Feel free to experiment with these tools and make your own map for any country, state, or region in the world!