world alternate history european powers map
An alternative take to the traditional world map.

Ever needed to create a map for an alternate history scenario? Want to plot out a map game for you and your friends? Or maybe you just need to click around on a map with over 10,000 different areas?

You can now use the new War Games world map on MapChart!

It features all countries in the world, split into 10,403 hexagonal tiles:

war games alt history world map
The new hexagon tiles world map.

You can use the new map page to:

  • Make your own alternate timeline (what if?) maps,
  • Play a Risk-like game with your friends,
  • Develop fantasy scenarios for world events,
  • Use it in fictional map settings,
  • Design map games for forums or social media,
  • Just color and play around with the map’s thousands of different areas!
Color all country areas for fun!

Each country has a specific number of areas assigned, depending on its size. For example, Russia has 1,660 tiles, United States has 737, while Rwanda only has 2 tiles. You can get a breakdown by country, in CSV or Excel format, to compare and contrast their “power”.

The map has all the familiar features of MapChart, and more:

  • Using colors and patterns to color any area of a country.
  • Changing the background or borders color of the map.
  • Editing the legend rows of the map and its styling (font, background, size, etc.)
  • Downloading a free PNG image of your map with top detail.
  • Saving and restoring your map settings.
  • Undoing and redoing your edits.
  • Coloring en masse by holding down the Ctrl button and moving around the map.
  • Coloring a whole country with a shortcut (Alt+Shift+click).
  • Showing the modern borders of countries on top of the map.
  • Applying the same color to multiple countries at once.

Also, to help you get started with editing the map, there is also a configuration file available on the website. You can upload it to get a War Games map with all countries randomly colored:

A randomly colored by country world map.

This map type has been requested from many frequent users of MapChart, who wanted to have an even more detailed version of the world map. I sincerely believe that it can be a really useful resource, especially for the alternate history community!

Needless to say, it took a lot of work and thousands of clicks to design and make this map available, so I hope you find it useful to your projects!

Find the new map here.