coronavirus usa counties map

This coronavirus outbreak is of course a great opportunity to use MapChart to create maps regarding the active cases, increase rates, and other stats about the pandemic.⁣

coronavirus map in Japan

This is a reminder to be responsible and thoughtful while making your coronavirus maps.

Take some time to fact-check your data and beware of fake news cases in this torrent of journalistic coverage. Please try to avoid using misguided or sensationalist symbology to get your message across.

A well-made map is one that is visually pleasing, informs the suitable audience, and has reliable and peer-reviewed data to back it up.

Use the provided templates for country-wide stats, like the World or Europe map pages. For a more detailed approach, consider the USA Counties or the detailed World subdivisions map.

Random Color World Subdivisions map
The World subdivisions map template on MapChart.

Also remember that you can create a subdivisions map for any country in the world, by taking advantage of the ‘Isolate’ feature on the detailed continent maps. Find a quick guide about the process here.

iceland mapchart europe detailed create

So, if you are going to do a map regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak with MapChart, please do it responsibly and with attention to quality.

Thanks for being a part of the mapping community and stay safe!⁣🌎